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Exercise hurts [Jan. 7th, 2007|08:01 pm]
CPT Fitness

[music |Rammstein - Resie, Reise]

Purely through controlled eating I managed to lose a kilo over the last week, without any other changes to my lifestyle. It's encouraging.

I smoked less this week than I had been over Christmas, but I haven't quit yet. Hopefully this week.

I also start back at karate this week, with a wider variety of class times to choose from this year. I also plan to introduce regular walking this week, which will hopefully transmute into jogging over time. There's discussions about getting a treadmill, which didn't work out too well last time but it's possible that newer motivations will make a difference. I did try jogging yesterday, and for the first thirty seconds I found myself thinking that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. After a minute I was willing to believe in any deity that would kill me to make the pain end. I guess I really do have quite a bit of work to do there.
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Beginning with the End [Jan. 2nd, 2007|12:34 am]
CPT Fitness

[music |System of a Down - Vicinity of Obscenity]

Hopefully I've just had my last cigarette.

Quitting is hard. I've done it a few times before, but it has never been anything close to easy. This time I have motivations beyond health and/or finances, which I'm hoping will make a big difference. Time will tell.

New diet/exercise program starts this week. I weighed myself today and I'm currently at 106kg. I still have 27kg to lose before my BMI reaches a health level, and since I need to lose it by the end of June in order to reach my required fitness level I have absolutely no room to slack off.

My BMI is currently 33.6 which is insanely in the obese category. It's frightening to think that two years ago it was almost 38, and that I have to replicate two years work in just six months. Damn.
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Now all I want to do is exercise. [Nov. 27th, 2006|09:19 pm]
CPT Fitness

[music |Crystal Method - Cherry Twist]

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Stage 2 - Two weeks in [Oct. 29th, 2006|04:39 pm]
CPT Fitness

[music |Tool - Disgustipated]

My second round of fitness is off to a slow start. While I've been keeping up with Karate classes, I've only managed to make it to the gym twice and I am only now starting to get control over my weight again. My weight during the past two weeks has remained stagnant at 106kg. This is the thing that worries me most, since the first step towards being healthier lies in reducing my overall body mass.

In order to lose weight I need to increase my metabolism and get myself into a caloric deficit. This means only one thing: Exercise. I'm going to start walking more starting Tuesday, and I'm hoping to start getting to the gym three times a week. Combine this with 2/3 session of Karate per week and it should establish a healthy baseline of exercise. If I can keep this up for the next month it should provide me with a solid foundation to improve upon over summer.

I will say that I am feeling stronger and better, despite not having any actual measurable results. Hopefully the two will align soon.
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Stage Two - Day 0 [Oct. 15th, 2006|09:04 am]
CPT Fitness

[music |VAST - Be with me]

Most exercise literature I have read states that you should keep a fitness journal. I've tried this before with varying levels of success, which I guess is a reflection on my actual attempts at improving my (rather low) level of fitness. Any kind of record keeping that I had done previously was kept on paper instead of stored publically and electronically, mostly because I've been embarrassed about my weight and how unfit I am. This time I'm going to trial making this kind of thing public with the hope that an illusion of accountability will help with my motivation.

I'm calling this particular wave of fitness stage two for a reason. What I now call stage one occurred earlier this year and resulted in a weight loss of 15kg which I am willing to categorise as a success. In stage two I am hoping to lose an additional 15kg.. While I originally lost the first 15kg over a period of three months I anticipate stage two going for about a year. This may seem like a long time but since I'm going into this with a lifetime view it really isn't that daunting.

All that fitness literature I mentioned earlier also talks quite a bit about setting goals. I've never been a big believer in positive affirmation and the like but I can acknowledge that having a milestone to reach is valuable. Here's the list:

  • Stop smoking. I've cut down over the last few weeks and have reduced my intake to the occasional 1mg or 2mg cigarette. As part of stage two this stops completely, and I've come to acknowledge that work stress plays a rather large part in my desire for nicotine. I'm looking at alternative coping mechanisms that are slightly more productive.

  • Lose 15kg. This is a standard goal when you're fat and you are going to exercise. If I lose more over the next year then that's great, but I don't really anticipate that happening.

  • Increase muscular strength. I'm going to measure this using push ups, and by the end of stage two I expect to be able to do 25 of these bad boys with absolutely no effort. I'm going to aim for 50. There will also be a sit-up component to this with identical numbers, but while I can already do 25 sit-ups I cannot currently manage a single push up.

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness. I'm hoping to be able to run 3km in 12 minutes. I have no idea how attainable this goal actually is, and indeed I anticipate this will be the hardest item given my lack of knowledge in this particular area.

  • Learn to swim. I obviously need to be skinnier and fitter to make this happen, but I figure I really can't put off learning this any longer.

I have already begun attending Karate classes regularly in order to improve my overall fitness. I plan on doing weights three days a week, and walking on alternate days. Eventually this walking will turn into light jogging, and eventually evolve into running. I need a few different physiological changes to occur before I am able to manage a running gait so I can't imagine any kind of full running for a few months.

All this exercise won't cause me to lose any weight without changing my diet to match my requirements. I managed to keep the whole diet thing under control during stage one without too many hassles so I am not overly worried about this, since in the field of health I consider nutrition to be my strong suit.

So stage two begins tomorrow. For now I'm going to cherish every last moment of chocolate.
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